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to the Magic Graffi
Children's Book Series

by Serge Cantsper

Illustrations by Flo Woolgar Barrington

Books: Middle grade 8 - 12yrs

About Graffi

To tell you a bit about me, my best features are: my thick, mixed-colour fur coat; the enormous, light-coloured ruff (collar) that grows around my neck, but only in winter; my long, bushy tail that looks like a question mark when it’s up, and especially when it goes, kink; and the tufts of cream-coloured hair growing out of my ears.


(These are extremely useful for hearing faint sounds.) 

Also, even if you can’t see them easily, I am especially proud of my long black whiskers which give me instant feedback from the most minute vibrations around me. As to my voice, it’s mainly soft and quite high pitched, but when I’m angry or frightened, you can’t miss it. It is extremely deep and very loud indeed, similar to a tiger’s. (It even scares me sometimes!) As a character, I’m playful, terribly inquisitive, quite wary of other people and animals; and I’m something of a perfectionist on occasions.  I can be very active and determined when I choose, and I particularly love looking for new and fun things to do.

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