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Hello, I'm Serge

As you may well imagine, because I’ve visited so many countries, I've had lots of opportunities both to see, and to be a part of many funny situations . . . not only on journeys in trains, planes and on roads, but also, on a day-to-day basis. So in meetings, at meals and also at amazing places that are far away, out in the wild.


To give you a recent, but not in the wild, example . . .


I had to be at the vet’s one morning recently, and the first animal I saw there was a large dog with two totally different coloured eyes - one was very pale blue and the other, a deep, dark brown. Immediately I wondered whether the different colours might make any difference at all as to what the dog could see through each eye, and to me this became an immediate, potential opening for a new and unusual story, perhaps even for a Graffi blog. (Graffi wasn’t with me at the vet’s this time, as it happened.)


This in turn opens the door to explaining to you how I work.

My writing process

In terms of writing, I like to take my time because in part, I want to tell my children and my family stories that have some link, not only to my family’s, but also to Graffi’s, past. (Remember too that as Graffi is a magic cat, he has no problem at all with going both backwards and forwards in time.)


And, when it comes to working with my illustrator, Flo Woolgar Barrington, in almost every case, the Magic Graffi illustrations - for both the books and for the blogs - come from Graffi’s and my ideas and detailed descriptions, which she in turn adapts, so as to make them even more interesting and funny.


Taking this last point a step further, working together closely, Flo and I regularly discuss ideas as to how she can make adaptions to these illustrations, in such a way that the characters can be transformed into amusing cards, noteless and even into super colouring books for younger children, these being based upon the real books that are available through the Magic Graffi website.

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