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Author: Serge Cantsper
Illustrator: Flo Woolgar Barrington
Childrens Story Book
Middle Grade 8 - 12yrs

Number of pages 68
6 Chapters
Size 6 x 9 inchs


The Adventures of Magic Graffi

  • Book 1 of the Magic Graffi series introduces Graffi, from when he was found abandoned and almost dead, until he was formally adopted by Serge. Graffi soon meets his large neighbour, Samson, who has lost his confidence, but with the help of a little bit of unexpected magic,
    it gradually starts to come back again.

    At his new home, Graffi soon comes across Kevin the difficult teenager, and Crunch, his smelly pet crocodile. Both seem to revel in making Graffi’s life difficult, but he finds a way around this and tries to embrace a new friend, Splosh the goldfish. This leads him to a visit
    to a local aquarium and then to a clinic, where he ends up helping Serge and learning more about magic.  


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