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Updated: Apr 16

The Donks (Donkeys)

Copyright 2024 - Serge Cantsper. Illustration by @flowoolgarbarrington

Hi All,


I’ve got something surprising to talk to you about today. To explain . . .

A short while ago I started writing a new chapter in Book 4 and, after only a few paragraphs, something really surprising crossed my mind. Something that I’ve never thought about, nor even considered before.


After contemplating this conundrum carefully, I came to the conclusion that, because there’s something I just don’t understand, I’d ask you for your thoughts to help me find a solution to my problem. (Just so you know, there’s a possible upside here, which is that perhaps together we may be able to come up with a new adjective! You never know!)


Now, you’ll know from my books how much I enjoy playing with words, so you’ll certainly agree that this won’t work properly if I don’t fully understand the word with which I’m playing. To explain . . . My problem is with the word ‘disgruntled’ which I’ve used in the chapter to describe a recent incident to do with the local Donkey family – I call them the Donks.


Just so you know, the family is composed of, Honky Donk (the father, who appears in Book 3); the children, Wonky Donk and Dinky Donk. (The latter is a real bad ass – ass as in donkey of course!); and their decidedly patient mum, Debby Donk. In summer, they all live in the field just across the road from home, and Honky Donk does a lot of loud hee hawing – or honking, as I call it – early in the mornings, which at best can be really rather boring, necessitating a real paws-in-the-ears moment when one’s trying to have a quiet and peaceful lie-in.


So, to come back to the problem word, ‘dis-gruntled’, which I’ve hyphenated here deliberately . . . What I do know overall is that, as the prefix to a word, ‘dis’ has some sort of a negative inference. For example, disliked, disappeared, or disabled. This latter sadly applies to my friend Jeep, the three-legged tortoise. (As you’ll remember from Book 3, this is the reason why Serge had special wheels made for him, to help him get around more easily, and to dance too!)


From these examples, we understand that it's the rest of the word that follows the ‘dis’ – in this case ‘gruntled’ – that makes clear what the opposite of the dis-word is all about. Well, given this fact, have another quick think about the word ‘dis-gruntled’. Does ‘gruntled’ mean anything to you? In all your life, have you ever even heard the word ‘gruntled’ on its own, or of anything or anyone being described as, ‘gruntled’? I’m sure your answer is no, and so, to follow the ‘dis’ logic, let’s take this a step further . . .

If disgruntled donkeys are unhappy, donks, then gruntled donkeys, presumably, are happy! Right? Because, if not, sorry, but I just don’t get it at all.


So, if you have the answer to this conundrum, do please tell me, and perhaps another day, with this agreed adjective, you’ll be able to call me Gruntled Graffi! If so, I’ll get a new T-shirt printed to match!



Magic Graffis Paw signature


Copy by Serge Cantsper

Illustration by @flowoolgarbarrington

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Updated: Apr 15

Chocolate Bunnies and a Cat

Hi All,

As you will understand in a moment, this blog has been written recently and over several days.

After the yummy breakfast that Florence gave me earlier this morning, I decided to go and spend some time in Serge’s office to work on a chapter that I’m planning for Book 4. Sitting near the window, which looks out onto our garden – this corner is my special work space here – an idea about bunnies flashed through my mind. And, just as it did, I saw a young one whiz across the lawn. (How about this for the power of imagination!)

Anyway, once my thespian thoughts had been distracted, and as it was a beautiful spring morning, I decided to go outside, and for the first time this year, have a catnap in the sun on my favourite branch in our fig tree. I’m not quite sure why, but seeing the bunny made me think of Easter. Strange for me, as I’m an Easter egg, not bunny person really. However, when I saw the bunny run across the lawn again – this time in the opposite direction – it gave me the idea of doing something special to make this coming Easter a funny bunny moment for the family.

With this in mind, I said to myself out loud, but very quietly, ‘Hey Iris.’ And in no time at all, Iris said,  ‘Howdy, doody, Graffi. Howz you doin?’ (To learn about Iris, IRIS, magicoms / MCMs, etc – all of which are things are to do with a special IRIS communications platform for creatures that have magic powers – you need to read the beginning of Book 2.)

So, after a brief exchange with Iris, I asked her if she would send a magicom to Marmalade, who I’d met not too long ago. (You’ll find out all about her in Book 4 once it’s published.) But to give you an idea, she’s an absolutely extraordinary, small cat who is – no kidding – an expert in LEC – Light, Energy and Colours. The message that I asked Iris to send her was, ‘Hi Marmalade. Please can we meet up here at home, sometime soon? Yours, Graffi.’ And in no time at all, I got the following reply, via Iris: ‘With pleasure, Graffi. Would tomorrow do?’ And obviously, I said, yes.

With this organised, I decided to go and see the head honcho rabbit, who lives with his family and friends in the field next door. His name is Roman and I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to hear that, with a name like Roman the rabbit, he has the tendency to be rather pleased with himself. However, before I went across the field to talk to him, I popped back into the house to ask Hiccup if he’d like to come with me. Being such an enthusiast, in an instant he was out of his basket and rushing down the passage – ears flapping – to the door which was open to the garden. And guess what? Just as he put his paws on the grass, he was stopped in his tracks by a young bunny dashing past, right in front of his nose.

Well, you know how spaniels are, and immediately he took off like a rocket to chase it. Needless to say, before long, he brought it back to me in his mouth, its fur all covered in slobber. Excuse the pun, but it was obvious that the poor creature was not feeling a happy bunny, and I could tell that Hiccup’s intention was to present it to Roman, which I thought was a great idea.

As we were walking out into the field, I realised that Hiccup’s mouth was fuller than I’d thought. In fact, it turned out that he was carrying two bunnies in it! This made for a very complicated discussion with him on the way, to the extent that I don’t even know how to write down here what he said as it was so hard to understand. Anyway, once we arrived at Roman’s burrow and, after I’d tapped my paw firmly on the ground several times in front of it, Roman poked his nose out of the hole. Looking very surprised when he saw us, not to mention the two little heads protruding from of Hiccup’s muzzle as well, Roman was about to say something, when Hiccup opened his mouth and the bunnies fell to the ground in front of him. Of course, this caught him on the hop. (One can’t resist a pun like this here, can one!) And, before he could say anything, I made sure I got a few words in.

‘Hello, Roman. Good to see you and I’ve come here to ask you a question.’ (Looking at him, I could see that this made him feel ill at ease, and I was sure that he was thinking that I was going to be cross with him about the bunnies in our garden.) My question is: ‘As Easter is going to be here soon, I wondered if I could borrow these two bunnies and use them as a surprise for the family on Easter day?’ Unable to resist the temptation, Roman pounced on the two bunnies, while at the same time saying, yes to me. To which I replied, ‘Thank you and is it OK if I pop over tomorrow afternoon to discuss the matter further with you.’ ‘Of course,’ he replied, looking angrily at the young bunnies.

The next morning, right on time, I had the pleasure of welcoming Marmalade at our front door. And after she’d had some warm milk that Florence gave her as a treat, the two of us went outside and leant against the warm garden wall to discuss ideas for a funny bunny, Easter surprise for the family. We had lots of fun laughing about different ideas and finally we agreed on a multi-magic plan. After this, early in the afternoon, Marmalade, Hiccup and I went to visit Roman to given him an outline of the surprise, which was as follows:

Early on Easter day, with Hiccup’s help, Marmalade and I would put three, quite large, empty plant pots in a line on the grass in front of our kitchen door. Later on, the two young rabbits would come and join us and each one would jump into a pot and hunker down low. Crouching in the third pot would be Marmalade, dressed up as a rabbit with false, extra-long ears. Once the three of them were in place, Hiccup would go indoors and encourage the family to come out into the garden. Then, when they were outside, and at whatever moment he felt was the right one, Hiccup would bark, and this would set off Marmalade’s magic. (She’d already made clear that she wasn’t going to tell anyone what would happen.) As everyone seemed happy with this, we went back home and very early on Easter Saturday morning, Hiccup and I practiced pot moving, which was not nearly as easy as we’d expected.

And what was the Easter Sunday, funny bunny surprise like? A real, multi-magic shock for all and one that not only was I able to watch outside with the family – but also participate in, but quite unnoticed. As planned, Hiccup barked, after which, a small, brownish cloud appeared out of nowhere over the garden. Moving lower and lower, it manoeuvred gently above the three pots, where it hovered. Then, to everyone’s astonishment, it started to rain chocolate and as it did so, the three rabbits, including Marmalade of course, jumped up and shouted, Happy Easter!

Just as they did so, my tail twitched and a bolt of sparkly blue light shot up into the cloud, which in turn, made it drop down onto their heads, after which, magically, it totally disappeared. The result was three sparkly, chocolate-faced bunnies with beaming smiles and furry chocolate ears. The three of them looked brilliant and the family was thrilled, although I have to admit that Marmalade gave me a gentle ticking off afterwards for messing up her make-up.

Thanks for reading Graffi

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3 Books in Magic Graffi Series

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Updated: Mar 14

Graffi on a computer writing a blog. Baron the flying kite is saying hello
Magic Graffi - The power of blogging

Hello everyone.  My name’s Magic Graffi and for those of you who haven’t met or heard of me yet, I’m a very unusual magic cat. On the Home page of my website you’ll quickly learn, not only about me, but also about Serge, who has been my friend since he and his springer spaniel, Hiccup, rescued me from a snowy forest a number of years ago.

My books are available on Amazon. We also busy working on a fun colouring book. Various birthday cards and notelets and Magic Graffi pin badges. Shop updates coming soon.


Now, before I go on, I want to explain to you why I’ve decided to start blogging. When I’m writing my books, it's obvious that my stories are about things that have already happened in the past.  But, over time, as the different books have taken form, I’ve realized that there are three important aspects that are, or can sometimes, be missing:

1.  Occasionally there are things that I think about when I’m writing. But, as I go along, I get the feeling that for some reason or other they don’t quite fit comfortably into that particular chapter.  Even so, I really want to tell you about whatever it is anyway. To give you two examples of this:


  • In Book 3, a naughty character called Foxy Bandit appears, but you never learn about what happens to him. However, my blog gives me the opportunity to fill in the missing information.


  • At the moment, I’m writing Book 4 and in it there’s a chapter that mentions the donkey family that lives not far away from me, here at home.  A couple of weeks ago, while writing this chapter, I had a thought which really made me laugh. But the problem is that I don’t feel that it fits easily into the story itself, so I’ve left it out. Now, with the blog available, I can tell you all about it here!


So, as time goes by, you’ll find out that my different blogs will not only bring you little stories like these to make you laugh, but also that they may well make you think too.


2.  Sometimes, something that relates to a character in a book, actually happens in the present.  For example, in Book 2, you’ll meet a friend of mine who’s a very large red kite called Baron, who, every autumn migrates to Africa for about 6 months. However, to my great surprise – just last week – I saw him flying around our home, with his wife, and I was really happy to see them back again.


As you’ll understand, writing my blog gives me the opportunity to tell you, almost in real time, stories about things that are going on. In this case, when Baron and I met for a catch-up on our garden wall this past weekend, he told me that they’d just started nest building. Because of this he asked me if he could take up to the nest some small branches that Serge had recently cut off our fig tree. He said that he wanted to give them to his wife – I call her the Baroness – as a welcome home present.


Such information may seem unimportant now, but it could well end up complementing a story that I plan to write one day in another book.


3.  And here, the third reason that I decided to start blogging is that I want to have the fun of keeping you up to date about what I get up to when I’m not writing.


For example, as Easter is coming up soon, I want to share with you some ideas about Easter bunnies.  Of course, I can’t do this in a book, as Easter is almost here, so a blog is just perfect, and in this case, it's quite possible that a part of the story will end up as a new card and / or notelet in the online shop. Who knows?


Anyway, now that you understand how I view the potential power of blogging, please don’t hesitate in telling me what you think about what I write and, if there’s anything special that you want to know more about, just ask.

To learn more, all you have to do is join the Magic Graffi Club – see how at the bottom of the Homepage – and you’ll receive an occasional e-mail from me to tell you what’s new in my world. Also all the exciting merchandise we are working on. You can buy my three Books from Amazon UK, USA and France. With book four coming out soon Links below

Thanks for reading Graffi

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