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Magic Graffi's CAT-GPT


Hi All, I have a highly topical subject for you today, AI, which you humans call Artificial Intelligence.


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, everything seems to be AI these days. This is true even in the world of children’s books, where we’re told on social media platforms that AI stories can be written in fifteen minutes and that they sell like hot cakes too. Really?


As is often the case with you humans, you’re just not on the right page here at all. Think about it. When you, your friends, and / or your family go into a bookshop, or online, to buy a book, do you start off by looking for AI books? No, of course you don’t, because why would you want to buy something that’s not even real? Sometimes it even says on the package that it’s ‘ARTIFICIAL intelligence’, so not real intelligence! And, to add to this, have you ever heard of a children’s book author – or any author for that matter – called Arty Intel? I certainly haven’t.


Talking of authors, evidently, one of the first things you want to discover when looking for a book is the name of the author. And then you want to find out whether she / he has written other books as well? But, even if you have this background information, you may still not be aware that you’ve missed out something really important about intelligence. ARTIFICIAL intelligence is what it says it is – artificial. This is not particularly surprising really as you humans invented it, and you’ve only been around for about 300’000 years!


But this leads us on to REAL intelligence, which we could call ‘True-AI’. And what is this type of AI? ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE. Logical, isn’t it? Now, you’ll not be surprised to learn that this is something particularly powerful when it comes to us cats, particularly so when you think that we’ve been around for between 10 to 12 million years! And, when you put me, Magic Graffi, and True-AI together, what do you get? It’s Cat-GPT of course! Why? Because, when my magic is activated, it becomes GPT – a Generator of Powerful Transformations!


So, to come back to True-AI, I want to make something absolutely clear. It is me, Magic Graffi, who, working with Serge, has written this and many other blogs, not to mention all of the Magic Graffi books too. And, as such, I want to assure you of two things:


1.  I’ll never allow any human AI books to be published under my or Serge’s name.


2.  You should understand that this would not be possible anyway as all of my stories have some connection to, or connections with, true stories linked to me and / or to Serge’s and his family, so they can’t be invented, or be artificial in anyway.


I hope that this’ll make you feel happy, knowing that my funny stories are in most cases even funnier, because they are not artificial.


Magic Graffi's Signature Paw


Graffi, Cat-GPT

Copy by Serge Cantsper

Illustration by @flowoolgarbarrington

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